As part of our commitment to helping the younger generation of table tennis players, the TTSTAR series announces an upcoming mini-series of 10 tournaments exclusively for 8 talented Czech players aged 18-23 (+2 alternates).

Prize money for the tournaments will be 50% of standard men's tournaments, i.e. 43 500 CZK per tournament, which is still a significant motivation for our young athletes, as the winner of an individual tournament can win up to 14 000 CZK. In addition, the player who becomes the winner of the entire mini-series will receive a prize of CZK 100,000! So if a young player wins all the matches and tournaments, he can win up to 240 000 CZK in total!

In addition to the financial rewards, the top two table tennis players in this mini-series will have a week-long training camp abroad where they will have the opportunity to train intensively and learn from foreign professionals.


The players nominated for this year were:

Simon Belik
Tomas Koldas
Radim Morávek
Radek Skála
Jakub Slapnicka
Radim Bako
Ondřej Květon
Jakub Kaucký

In the event that a player is injured or unable to participate in an individual tournament, Matěj Stach and Kryštof Přída will be substitutes.

The first TTSTAR YOUNG tournament will take place on 16-17 June 2023 and the others will take place during the second half of 2023.


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