Legal conditions

Updated 1 June 2023


  • Players can register for the tournament by sending an email to or by calling (preferably via Whatsapp) +420 721 869 592
  • The player has the opportunity to report the dates until the 5th of the previous month by 13:00, i.e. in case of entries for the month of February, the player has time to submit the entries until the 5th of January at 13:00. During the next 5 days he will then receive nominations from the organizer, i.e. by January 10 the player will receive the dates for the month of February.
  • After confirmation of participation by the organizer, the player is obliged to participate in the tournament - The player has the right to cancel participation in the tournament only in case of serious injury or illness with an accompanying medical certificate of inability to participate in the tournament. The injury or illness must be reported to the TTSTAR series organizers without delay
  • Each player is required to sign a professional TTSTAR tournament participation agreement for a period of 1 calendar year prior to participating in the series
  • Each tournament player is rewarded according to the financial key in the "Prize money" section
  • Prize money is paid after the tournament in cash or by bank transfer
  • The player is obliged and agrees not to bet on any TTSTAR series match. This regulation applies to all matches and tournaments, even if the player is not currently competing in them. It is also the player's responsibility to ensure that family members, friends, etc. do not bet on the TTSTAR series and any matches in the series. In the event of a breach of this regulation, the player may be fined up to CZK 1,000,000
  • Each tournament lasts two days. Matches are immediately consecutive with a 3 minute break + 2 minutes for warm-up. For the first four matches of the day there is a 10 min warm-up time.
  • Each tournament features 8 professional players
  • At each tournament, players earn ranking points. 8th place = 1st place 8 points, 2nd place 7 points, etc. from which the average is then calculated. The top 6 players of the whole year will have the chance to compete in the final tournament called GRAND FINAL with 500,000 CZK prize money. Two places will be awarded in the form of a "Wild Card", i.e. the organizer will select two players who reach the qualities of the best players and also meet other parameters such as combativeness and overall commitment in the past year. The ranking for the GRAND FINAL is automatically calculated based on the average of the best up to 20 results of the player in a year.
  • In the case of equal average of two or more players, the number of points accumulated is decisive (shown in the ranking in the column Points)
  • Nominations for the Grand Final are always closed with the last tournament in the 11th month, i.e. November
  • A player must play at least 10 tournaments per year to qualify for the GRAND FINAL tournament, excluding wild card nominees
  • One player can play a maximum of 50% tournaments per year, exceptions are emergencies, border closures for foreign players, etc.
  • The organizer reserves the right to make the final decision on the nomination to the GRAND FINAL tournament

Prize money - reward system:

The total prize money in each tournament is up to CZK 87,000 (CZK 82,000 + CZK 5,000 bonus for winning the tournament without losing). If a player wins all matches in a tournament, the prize is CZK 28,000.

  • Each player will receive 3 000 CZK for participation in the tournament
  • For each group win, the player receives 1 000 CZK
  • For advancing to the semi-finals the player will receive 3 500 CZK
  • For winning the semi-final, the player will receive 4 500 CZK
  • For winning the 3rd place match, the player will receive 2 000 CZK
  • For winning the final, the player will receive 5 000 CZK
  • The player who wins the tournament undefeated will receive a bonus item of 5,000 CZK

Prize money for the GRAND FINAL is CZK 850,000. Prize system:

  • 1st place 315 000 CZK
  • 2nd place 162 000 CZK
  • 3rd place 100 000 CZK
  • 4th place 86 000 CZK
  • 5th place 60 000 CZK
  • 6th place 50 000 CZK
  • 7th place 42 000 CZK
  • 8th place 35 000 CZK

Each player is required to tax all tournament winnings.

Tournament system:

  • The group starts with 8 players, a one-on-one system. Thus, a total of 28 matches will be played in the group. The top four players advance to the semi-finals. After the semi-final matches are played, the third place match is played and then finally the final match of the tournament. In total, 32 matches will be played in the tournament. Each player will play a minimum of 7 matches (barring injury, player expulsion, etc.) and a maximum of 9 matches
  • The group standings are automatically calculated based on the results of the group matches. Match scores, set scores and then, if necessary, mutual matches are calculated. This means that if two players have the same match and set scores, the winner of the reciprocal match between the two players advances. In situations where three or more players have identical scores, a separate table and the scores between those three (or more) players are calculated.

Fines and Sanctions:

  • The use of mobile phones, tablets and computers in the hall is strictly prohibited. For each violation of this prohibition, the player will be fined 2 000 CZK. The organizer reserves the right to impose the fine directly without notice.
  • The player is obliged to keep the hall tidy, clean up food wrappers, water bottles, etc. For gross violation of this rule the player is fined 500 CZK.
  • There is a yellow card system for unsportsmanlike conduct, vulgarity, etc. The system is as follows: First yellow card 500 CZK, second yellow card 1 000 CZK, third yellow card 3 000 CZK, fourth yellow card 5 000 CZK and fifth yellow card 7 000 CZK. If the player exceeds five yellow cards, he is automatically eliminated from the entire series.
  • The player is obliged to confirm his/her participation in the tournament no later than 12:00 noon on Friday of the previous week, in case of missing the deadline a fine of 1 000 CZK will be automatically imposed

Penalties and fines will be deducted from the player's prize money at the end of the tournament.

Any player who Attending TTSTAR series agrees to the following terms and conditions