Ondrej Kveton wins the third TTSTAR YOUNG mini-series tournament

Ondrej Kveton wins the third TTSTAR YOUNG mini-series tournament


The third tournament (out of ten) of the mini-series took place in Košíří, Prague, on Friday and Saturday 18-19 August. TTSTAR YOUNG 2023 for Czech talented players table tennis up to 23 years old. Ondřej Květon and Tomáš Koldas competed in the final.

Ondrej fought his way to the finals through the group matches, which he managed to win 6:1 - the only defeat he "cashed" was from Tomáš Koldas. In the semi-finals he beat his national teammate from the MEJ Simon Belik 3:1 in sets, thus avenging his defeat from the second tournament of this mini-series, which was won by the promising Czech representative Simon Belik. Tomas Koldas passed through the group without a single defeat and in the semi-final match he won against Radim Moravek 3:0. Ondřej Květon managed the final better and won 3:1. Congratulations!


Current point standings after the third tournament:


  1. Ondřej Květon 23 points
  2. Simon Belik 21 points
  3. Tomas Koldas 17 points
  4. Jakub Kaucký 14 points / Radim Morávek 14 points
  5. Radim Morávek 14 points / Jakub Kaucký 14 points
  6. Radek Skála 8 points
  7. Radim Bako 4 points
  8. Jakub Slapnicka 3 points
  9. Kryštof Přída 2 points




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