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Conditions of the TTSTAR SERIES tournaments


  • Player can sign up / register for the tournament by sending request to info@ttstar.cz
  • Player is obliged to participate in the tournament after mutual confirmation from TTSTAR SERIES and also from the player side
  • Player will be rewarded with financial prize money – more details in “Prize money” section below
  • Prize money is paid in cash right after the end of the tournament.
  • Player has right to cancel tournament participation only in case of serious injury or illness. Injury or illness must be announced to the TTSTAR SERIES organization as soon as possible. The cancelation must be provided with hospital/doctor report about the injury or illness
  • Player is obliged to not to bet on any match on the TTSTAR SERIES. That means betting on all TTSTAR SERIES matches during all TTSTAR SERIES tournaments is forbidden for the player/participant, his family and close friends. In case of violation of this rule, Tipsport, a.s. and TTSTAR SERIES, s.r.o. has right to give the player penalty up to 1 000 000 CZK (~40 000 EUR)
  • The matches on the tournament day go one after another with only small breaks between the matches for warming up
  • Every tournament is played by 8 players.
  • On every tournament the players will get points to the ranking (8th place = 1 point, 7th place 2 points…up to 1st place with 8 points). The best 8 players of the year will have the chance to play Grand Final tournament with higher prize money. The ranking for the Grand Final will be made based on average points of the played tournaments. That means player with 5 tournaments and 35 points will have average of 7 etc.
  • Players need to play at least 8 tournaments during the year to be included and calculated for the Grand Final top 8 ranking. We will count the best 8 results of the player in the year. That means if player has played 12 tournaments, the best 8 tournaments out of the 12 will be counted.
  • One player can play maximum 50% of the number of tournaments, that means if there are 50 tournaments, one player can play up to 25 tournaments in one year.

Prize money reward system:

The total prize money on each tournaments are 85 000 Kč (around 3 400 EUR). If one player wins all the matches, he can win 28 000 Kč (around 1 100 EUR)

  • Every player recieves 3000 Kč for the participation (around 120 EUR)
  • For every win in group each player recieves 1 000 Kč (around 40 EUR)
  • For the approach to semifinals each player recieves 3 500 Kč (around 120 EUR)
  • For win in the semifinals each player recieves 4 500 Kč ( around 180 EUR)
  • For winning the match on 3rd place player recieves 2 000 Kč (around 80 EUR)
  • For win in the final player recieves 5 000 Kč (around 200 EUR)
  • If one player wins the group without defeat, he will get additional 5 000 Kč (around 200 EUR) as a bonus

Tournament system:

  • In the group of 8 players, every player plays against each other players. The 4 best players of the group proceed to the semifinals. After seminifinals, there is the match for 3rd place and after that the final match played.
  • Place in group is based on results of the matches played in the group. We count score of matches, then sets and then mutual matches. That means if 2 players have the same score of matches and sets, the player who has won their mutual match will be counted better. The organization of the tournament has the right to make the ultimate decision



  • Cell phones / smartphones are strictly forbidden during the tournaments in the whole event area. For each violation of this rule player will get penalty of 2 000 Kč (around 80 EUR)
  • Laptops / tablets are allowed only outside the playing hall and only without internet connection. For each violation of this rule, player will get penalty of 2 000 Kč (around 80 EUR)
  • The player is obliged to keep the hall clean.
  • Every player is obliged to respond on emails regarding the arrival.
  • In the case of suspicion, that player has manipulated any match, set or ball, organizator has the right not to pay out the prize money reward and if the reward was already paid out, the player is obliged to return it.
  • The system of the yellow cards is as follows: 1st yellow card on the tournament is 500 Kč (around 20 EUR), 2nd yellow card is penalty 1 000 Kč (around 40 EUR), 3rd yellow card is 3 000 Kč penalty (120 EUR), 4th yellow card is 5 000 Kč penalty (around 200 EUR) and 5th yellow card is 7 000 Kč penalty (around 280 EUR)

The penalties will be deducted from the player’s prize money reward paid out after end of the tournament.

Each player accept these conditions when participating on every single TTSTAR SERIES tournament.